It's me...Danielle :)


Thank you for visiting my site! If you were guided here you are ready for positive change! You are ready to grow as a spiritual being! I would be honored to guide you on your journey!


I am a Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach. I guide men and women on a journey of Self Mastery and Self Discovery. I help them to find balance of living authentically as their divine Self and as a person here on earth (aka- a human being). I teach and guide others how to live life from sixth sense perspective. Living a 6 sensory life in a predominately 5 sensory world can definitely be cumbersome at times to say the least. I teach and believe in a moderation based lifestyle to reach happiness as our Highest Self on all levels of mind, body and soul. Life, health, wellness, parenting, business and money to name a few. I utilize a variety of spiritual principles and practices in my mentoring and coaching.  



I am always learning and researching to grow my knowledge and spiritual abilities. I work with my own coach/mentor to be sure I am personally growing on my own spiritual journey so I am fully in alignment with my highest Self to serve my clients. A spiritual journey is never complete. There are always things to work on and to learn. I LOVE my spiritual life! 


Current areas of study: 

                  The Akashic Records


                  Tarot and Oracle Cards


I believe in:


                  ∆ Angels

                  Spirit Guides

                  God - Source/my higher power 

                  The Universe and Universal Energy

                  ∆ Everything is Energy

                  The Akashic Records

                  Past Lives

                  ∆ Soul Contracts


                  Twin Flames

                  ∆ Psychic abilities

                  ∆ Medium abilities


                  ∆ Numerology

                  Moon Energy

                  Balance and Moderation


What I am NOT:


                  ∆ a Counselor

                   a Therapist

                   a Doctor

                   a Preacher 


A few random facts about Danielle: 

                  Mom to 3 boys #outnumbered

                  I love dancing!  I was a competitive dancer as a child. I taught dance for a few years. And my oldest son is a dancer too!  

                  I love all music but gangsta rap and Britney Spears hold a special place in my heart! lol

                  ∆ Baseball tees are my go to wardrobe piece

                  ∆ If I could go back in time I would want to be a teenager in the 50's!

                  I vote to bring back the snapchat deer filter...Permanently! :)

                  I played field hockey in High School.

                  I love LA and NY!