What is Six Sensory Living?

Living a 6 sensory life means that you live in a state of awareness of your sixth sense. You may be saying "Well, I'm not psychic so I don't have a sixth sense." The sixth sense is your intuition/gut instinct/inner voice and the truth is, we ALL have a sixth sense. It's simply a matter of how open you are to using and tuning in to it. Some people are naturally in tune with their sixth sense while others may need to take the time to develop it. Even those who are naturally in tune may need some guidance on how the heck to use their amazing gifts from the Universe! In addition to our conventional five senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) we are accustomed to using everyday, a 6 sensory lifestyle utilizes your sixth sense as the predominate source one turns to for guidance. After you have developed the ability to use your sixth sense it will become your "first sense". It's the subtlety of knowing without ever having any idea why you know it. 


Living a 6 sensory lifestyle has so many amazing benefits! When you are in alignment it allows your mind to receive the fullest of information. You are able to see the big picture and all of the amazing opportunities available to you from the Universe. You will see a transformation in all areas of your life! Being connected to your inner wisdom will give you a strong connection with your highest inner Self! You will experience a life of calm confident power, less anxiety, less feelings of depression and less emotional triggers.  

Six Sensory Academy

Sister, Are you ready to step into your light and own your gifts, abilities and learn how trust in your Higher Self?

The Six Sensory Academy 6 week group program is for you!