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Discover your highest potential through personal development courses and 1:1 guidance with Danielle! If you're ready to dig deep and make changes for living as your Highest Self, this is for YOU! 


Need some clarity or guidance? A private card reading is great for you! Danielle will tune into your energy, connect with your angels, guides and masters to channel the messages they currently have for you! 

3 Card Spread

Full Moon Spread

New Moon Spread

Horseshoe Spread

Doubts and Fears Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

12 Months Spread




Do you have a dream that seems quite crazy but you feel it holds a strong message for you?

Perhaps you have a reoccurring dream that you just can't make sense of.

Intuitive dream interpretation is a way to decode the messages in your dreams!


When our chakra energies are out of alignment and out of balance we tend to feel out of sorts. Life doesn't flow, things feels stagnant, and we can even experience physical discomfort. Through a chakra session we can balance and focus on a specific chakra or on all 7 main chakras using a distance Intuitive Healing Energy technique.